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2022-07-05_Bulletin 385_WORKING IN THE HEAT_EN (1)

2022 PacificPrairie 5 Day Facilitator Training Poster

Facilitator Training Application 2022

Facilitator Training Memo

Fall 5 day Application – Prairie Region

06-01-22_Bulletin_377_Pride Month_PDF_E

Bulletin 378 _ National Indigenous Peoples Day_ 2022-06-06_ EN

EN_Bulletin RSMC petition

Facts_covered_drug_list_all_employees_e (4)

ENG – Bulletin 365 – Abortion is a Human Right

Bulletin 366_Paid Sick Leave Coming to the Canada Labour Code_2022-05-10_EN

Bulletin 363-History Project-Interviews Begin-2022-05-06-EN (1)

040 – 3rd National Vice-President and NUR External – Organizing (1)

Bulletin 339_High-Risk Leave to End in Late February_2022-02-10_EN

Bulletin 156-Post-Retirement Benefits-2020-06-19-EN_Amended

2022-01-25_Bulletin 333_The Federal Government Amends the Canada Labour Code_EN

Bulletin 327-Winter Solstice-December 17, 2021-EN

00043-a – Bulletin 322 – February 1, 2022 Dues Increase

12-15-21_Bulletin_325_ Vaccine Practice Hearings on the Merit_PDF_E

Bulletin 315_CPC’s Mandatory Vaccination Practice-CUPW Update_2021-11-18_EN


Bulletin 312_How to Attest to your Vaccination Status and What to Do Next_2021-11-03_EN

Bulletin 311_What You Need to Know About Canada Post and the Vaccine Mandate_EN[1]

2021-09-02_Bulletin 296_Update for Members on High-Risk Leave_EN (1)

2021-09-13_Bulletin 292_Financial Services Update #5_EN (5)

Bulletin 299-National Day for Truth and Reconciliation-2021-09-08-EN

Bulletin 298 – Members Vote YES to Contract Renewal

2021-09-02_Bulletin 296_Update for Members on High-Risk Leave_EN (1)

2021-09-13_Bulletin 292_Financial Services Update #5_EN (5)


Bulletin 290-11 Things to Consider When You Vote -2021-07-30-EN

Fact Sheet #2-Frequently Asked Questions and Answers-Ratification-2021-07-29-EN

Fact Sheet-Frequently Asked Questions and Answers-Ratification-2021-07-23-EN

02436-a – Dates of Ratification Votes



Bulletin 284-More Security in Uncertain Times-2021-07-13-EN

Prairie Action Bulletin – Ratification of Collective Agreements

 Bulletin 284-More Security in Uncertain Times-2021-07-13-EN

Bulletin 281-Tentative Collective Agreements-Moving in the Right Direction-2021-07-06-EN

Bulletin – High Risk Leave

Bulletin No 280 – Referendum Votes on Extension of Collective Agreements

2021-06-25_BULLETIN #279_Two Year Contract Extension_the Membership Will Decide (English)

2021-06-16_Bulletin 272_Financial Services Update

Poster – National Indegenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21

CUPW Member To Member Newsletter – Summer 2021-NoNames

Working In The Heat

2021-06-01 Negotiations Bulletin 001-Members Urban Cttee-EN-Revised (3)

2021-06-01-Negotiations Bulletin 002-Members RSMC Cttee-EN

05-31-21_Statement_Every Child Matters to CUPW_PDF_E

2021-02-23_Bulletin 237_February 28 is International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day


01459-a – Bulletin – Vacancy – NUR Education – English

Bulletin 222 – February 1, 2021 Dues Increase

2021-01-15_Bulletin 224_Working in Extreme Cold_EN

11-16-20_Bulletin_210__Do I Have to Wear A Mask at Work_PDF_E_0 (1)

Bulletin 209_Temporary Employees-1000 Hours and Retroactive Payments_2020-11-04_EN[2]

Bulletin 202_Pay Increments_2020-10-14_EN 

Appendix A – Notes (Urban) Final

 (Appendix A – Charts) 2018-2021 222.52.9 – English Jun 2020 – Final A.._

Bulletin 190_RSMC Overtime Payment Important Update_2020-09-11_EN

08-25-20_Bulletin_186_Locals in Action_PDF_E

2020-08-28_Statement_Additional Funding and Resources for a #SafeSeptember are Non-Negotiable (EN)_0

2020-08-21_ Bulletin 184_Save the USPS_EN

Bulletin – Constitutional Meetings by Virtual Platforms – August 27, 2020

08-19-20_Bulletin_170_Free Collective Bargaining and our right to strike_PDF_E

2020 08 06_Bulletin_TForce Final Mile Bargaining_Ottawa_EN_Final

Bulletin182-Answering Your Questions-CUPW Wage Experience 2020-08-06-EN

 Bulletin 176-DI and Life Ins. Adjust and Retiree Retro-2020-07-15-EN

Bulletin 175-CPC Failed Attempt to Change Arbitrator Award on RSMC Variables Allowances-2020-07-10-EN

Bulletin 174-Access to Information LC & RSMC Restructures-2020-07-09-EN (1)

Bulletin 173-Urban Letter Carrier Overtime 2020-07-08-EN (1)

Bulletin 172-Cyberbullying is Not Solidarity-2020-07-09-EN

Bulletin 171-Temporary Peak Period Workforce-Urban-2020-07-07-EN

2020-07-06_Bulletin 169_Group 1 Staffing – Urban Unit_EN

Bulletin 168-Letter Carrier Overburdening 2020-07-03-EN

Bulletin 167-Urban Unit-Job Security and Vacant Positions-Group 2-2020-07-02-EN (1)

Bulletin 166-RSMC Job Retention-2020-06-30-EN

Bulletin 165-Global Assembly-2020-07-03-EN

Bulletin 164-RSMC Job Security 2020-06-29-EN

2020-06-30_Memo_IMPORTANT UPDATE_High-Risk Leave Forms for Members at Canada Post_EN

2020-06-29_Bulletin 161_Quarantine Leave for Members in the High-Risk Category_EN

Bulletin 159_Bar Charts During COVID-19_EN_2020-06-26

Bulletin 158-Wage Increases and Retroactivity 2020-06-24-EN

Special Negotiations Bulletin-RSMC-Correction of Arbitrator’s Award-2020-06-18-EN

Bulletin 150-Urban Unit Wage Scale Temp Employees-2020-06-17-EN

Bulletin 142_Cancelled Annual Leave Scheduled between March 22 and May 30, 2020_2020-06-15_EN_0

Bulletin 143_RSMC-Cancelled Annual Leave Scheduled between March 22 and May 30, 2020_2020-06-15_EN 

Bulletin #099-Urban Decision-2020-06-11-EN

Bulletin #100-RSMC Decision-2020-06-11-EN