National Bulletins


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Update #4-Minister of Labour Appoints Special Mediator-2018-10-24-EN (1)


Bulletin 51-Know Your Rights-2018-10-23-EN


Bulletin 50-It’s Time For More Full-Time Regular Jobs in Group 1-2018-10-22-EN


Bulletin 049-New CPC Report Confirms Injury Crisis at CP-2018-10-19-EN


Bulletin 047-The Parties Continue to Meet-2018-10-12-EN


2018-10-10_430_in the Event of a Lockout or Strike_EN (1)


Bulletin 46-Long Weekend Update RSMC-2018-10-09-EN


Bulletin 45-Long Weekend Update-Urban Unit-2018-10-09-EN


Bulletin 44-Happy Thanksgiving-2018-10-05-EN


Bulletin 42-Urban CPC Counter Proposal-2018-10-03-ENG


Bulletin 43-RSMC-CPC Counter Proposal-2018-10-03-EN


Negotiations Update #1-Efforts Underway to Unblock Negos-2018-09-27-EN (1)


 Bulletin 038-Time to Reduce Injuries and Improve Working Conditions-EN






Bulletin 036-Cooling Off Period Ends Sept. 25-EN


Bulletin 034-Global Offer Urban Unit-2018-09-14-EN (1)


Bulletin 035-Global Offer RSMC-2018-09-14-EN (1)


Bulletin 33-Are Your On Medication-2018-09-10-EN


Bulletin 032-Urban Global Offer Rollbacks and Trojan Horses!-2018-09-07-EN


Bulletin 031-RSMC Global Offer-CPC Proposing Nothing-2018-09-07-EN


Global Offer Urban



2018-06-29-Bulletin 24-The Union Applies for Conciliation-EN


Bulletin 367-It’s Time to Stand Up for Workers’ Rights-2018-06-27-EN


How a bank in the Post Office_John Anderson Revised_E (1)


2018-06-07-Bulletin 023-CUPW President Meet with CPC Interim Pres. & Chairperson-EN (1)


2018-05-31 Bulletin #363_Summer – Time to Reach out to Our Communities_EN (1) 


2018 Summary of Arbitrator Flynn


2018-05-31 Bulletin #363_Summer – Time to Reach out to Our Communities_EN (1)


2018-05-18-Bulletin 022-Negotiations Intensify-EN


2018-04-20-bulletin 351 Delivering Community Power -E


2018-04-19-Bulletin 020-State of Negotiations


 2018-04-19_Bulletin 349_2018 National Day of



2018-04-18_Bulletin #345_May is Asian Heritage Month_EN


2018-04-06-Bulletin 019-Job Security-The Big Picture-EN


Bulletin #333_Take a Stand Against Bullying_on April 11_Wear PINK


2018-04-05_Bulletin #338_Grievance N00-10-00001 The Saga Continues_EN (1)


2018-04-03-Bulletin 337-Pay Equity-Warning-Contents May be Offensive-EN


2018-03-28-Bulletin 018-Social Stewards-EN


 2018-03-23 Bulletin #332_Support Postal Banking Support Motion M-166_EN


2018-03-14-Bulletin 330-Labour College of Canada Certificate Program-EN


2018-03-09-Bulletin 016-Letter Carriers and Mail Service Couriers-EN_0


2018-03-09 Bulletin #323_Government Takes First Steps to Face Workplace Bullying at Canada Post


2018-03-06_Bulletin #322 Union Delegation to Cuba_EN


 2018-03-01-Bulletin 015-Group 1 Maximizing Full-Time Positions-EN


2018-01-19-Bulletin 011-Mediated Negotiations Get Under Way-EN


2018-01-12-Bulletin 010-Application of CA After Expiry


Bulletin 303_Working in Extreme Cold_EN_2018-01-11


 2018-01-10-Bulletin 300-CPC Requests More Time


 2017-12-21 What’s the real story with admail pay changes


06-10-2017_bulletin-The Labour College Of Canada Is Back (Info)